Starting Out

Wow, there is so much more that goes into blogging than I ever imagined!  I love it.  I love creating and sharing my ideas and I love writing.  I really think this will be a marvelous match once I get into a groove. 

Being a new mom has been such an adjustment.  I love my little girl more than anything.  Even when she wakes me up 4 times a night, my heart just melts at the sight of her.  She is precious.  And she depends entirely on me (and my husband, of course, but he doesn’t have breasts, so it’s different). 

I wouldn’t say I’m an inpatient person, but I definitely like to run on my own schedule.  When my plans are thrown off by someone else, I admit, I get a little put-out.  Obviously this attitude is not ideal for motherhood.  Babies fuss and cry and poop and get hungry whenever they feel like it, maybe for no reason at all!  I have to plan to be ready to leave the house an hour early for every appointment, church meeting and family dinner.  At first this was really frustrating.  Not that I was resentful of my baby, it was just inconvenient.  We all know the feeling, right?

It hit me a few weeks ago – it is her RIGHT as a baby to run on her own schedule.  She’s brand new here and needs all the time she can get to figure out how things work.  I’m here to create an environment conducive to her learning, her comfort and to help her know that she is loved.  That mentality has made my days so much easier.  If I’m in a rush to get ready and go somewhere, rather than hoping that semi-wet-but-not-dirty diaper will last an hour, I still give her a fresh one, just so that she’s comfortable and I have peace of mind instead of wondering, “Oh gosh, what if she has a diaper explosion in the car?”  It’s best for both of us.

I’m new to blogging also.  I have a lot to learn.  I have a lot of great ideas that I’m excited to post about and share with the world, but I realize that it’s not all going to happen overnight.  Probably not within several months.  But little by little and day by day I’ll get there.  Right now my priority is my new baby, so there might be days or weeks that nothing gets updated or posted.  For now I’m okay with that. 

After all, I’m just starting out.



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