Platter Wall

A couple months ago I was “pin-spired” by these two images:

plate wall      platterwall

I adore plates and platters.  I have several antique plates from my mom and great-grandmother.  The pastel colors are perfect for the pale blue and yellow walls throughout my house.


I also started collecting silver platters several years ago for wedding reception decor.  How often do we really use silver platters though??  Not the most sensible investment, although they did look great and serve a purpose at our reception!  Other than those few hours, they have sat in a box, tarnishing, at my parents’ house.

I did this project a few weeks ago, so I don’t have photos of the process, but it’s pretty simple to explain and do:

  1. I laid out my various silver platters and arranged them the way I wanted to see them on the wall.  I didn’t have to play around too much because I liked my first lay-out.
  2. Next, I measured the area where I’d hang the platters.  I just put an old hutch behind our little kitchen table.  It’s next to the kitchen cabinets and the height difference seems a little awkward to me, so I wanted the highest platters to be about the same height as the cupboards, and the width of the hutch, and the lower platters to be high enough that I could display some things on to of the hutch.
  3. I just used those little wire plate hangers.  They are cheap and expand for all the different sizes.  I think I got a couple packs of 3 (various sizes) at Walmart for around $3.  Go ahead and put them on your platter before the next step.
  4. You can use any kind of paper you want for this, but I just used some wrapping paper since I could roll it out to the length I needed.  Depending on the size of your place you want to fill, you could use tissue paper, butcher paper, etc.  Measure your paper to the size you need.  Then lay your platters down on top and arrange them the way you want them to hang on the wall.  Mark where the the hanging notch on the wire hanger is.
  5. Hang up the paper, using tape and a level.  The level is really important if you are doing a straight row like I did.
  6. Hammer in the nails where you marked, right through the paper.
  7. Tear down the paper and hang up your platters!
  8. I used the level again on each platter to make sure they were hanging straight, but if you have all round platters that isn’t really necessary.


And that’s it!

I love my platter wall.  I didn’t even bother to shine them up because I think the tarnished-look goes well with the hutch and some of my other decorations around the house.  If you’re going for a more formal look, then I’d definitely polish them first and maybe hang them in a more uniform arrangement.

Another thing I really like about this is that I’m able to incorporate something from my wedding day without having something cheesy or overly-personal hanging around the house for people to see.


Now I just need to decide what else to put on the hutch…  It seems a little empty.  A crochet runner?  Some apothecary jars?  Maybe a terrarium?  Leave me a comment if you have any ideas.  :)



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