So far, so good, right?

I haven’t done much work in baby girl’s room since she was born, mostly because I haven’t had the time, but also because right now she sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom.  Hopefully making it public will give me some incentive to get to work on it.  🙂  I just have a few more things to do.  I want to re-stain the bookshelf and hang some wall decor.  I’m mostly waiting to get some photos printed off and framed and then that will be one thing to check off the list!  There are a couple other projects I’ll get to eventually as well.

We’ve had a hard time getting her to nap for more than 30 minutes the past couple days.  Today I decided to try and let her fall asleep in her own room, where it’s a little darker, quieter and cooler.  It worked!  I also thought that it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the room (is it exploitative of me to use my baby as a prop??).


So we were pretty fortunate and had quite a bit of furniture given to us.  I have an 8-year-old brother, and since there’s a 16-year gap between him and my other brother, he is the only one to have used any of this stuff.  We got our crib, bassinet, play pin, baby swing, etc from my parents.  Baby equipment is pretty expensive.  I don’t know how anyone starts from scratch!

I ordered this darling bedding from The Land of Nod.


Unfortunately only the crib skirt has arrived…  The sheet and quilt are supposed to ship sometime this month, but here I am just a-waitin…  Anyway, I think this is the perfect shade of pink, and just enough yellow to match the walls but not be overwhelming.  Plus the mis-matching patters allow me to use different patterns around the room.  You’ll notice I have a yellow polka-dot sheet on the crib mattress right now.  I like that freedom.

The first thing I made were the giant pom-poms.  Brady was gone running Ragnar and I was home alone.  Terrified.  Because I’d gotten caught up in watching every single episode through season 3 of The Walking Dead.  So there i was, in a brand new house, all alone (imagine the woods in the backyard and walking past the back-door with a giant, uncovered window.  My imagination was going crazy.).  So I parked on the couch (out of view of the back-door window), turned on Bride-day Friday on TLC and started making these cute pom-poms.  I could tell you how to do them here, but here’s the tutorial I used.


My original idea was to have the crib in a corner and hang the pom-poms in a bunch overhead, rather than a mobile, and a rocking chair in the opposite corner.  But I still haven’t gotten the rocking chair and it looked weird to have everything pushed over to the corner and then the other side all empty.  So I decided to put the crib smack in the middle and spread the pom-poms the length of the ceiling.  This would allow me to put the crib against either corner and still give baby girl something to look at overhead.


The next project was my favorite.  I have loved seeing all the cute pennant banners all over Pinterest.  We have great windows in our house, but the moulding at the top makes them a little awkward to hang curtains over, at least for the look I’m going for in this room.  So a pennant banner is perfect, in my opinion.

This was another easy project that I found here on Pinterest.  I followed the instructions for sewing the triangles back-to-back, but I bought some mini-pompom garland and just hot glued the triangles along it.  I thought it was a nice touch.  The fabric and garland are from a quilting shop in Bountiful called Quilter’s Haven, and I just got a bunch of fat quarters that coordinated nicely.


So those are the highlights I’ll share today.  What do you think?

Here are some more photos.  I also made the runner on the bookshelf, the headband holder and the pad cover on the changing table.

DSCN1103 DSCN1109 DSCN1116

It still seems empty to me without things on the walls, so hopefully I can get to those projects soon and update this post!

– B


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